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Taking the first steps towards engaging in therapy can be a very personal journey.  Talking with a therapist can help to bring clarity to your situation, change your perspective or feelings about yourself and your life and help you make positive changes.  As an experienced, qualified and accreddited psychotherapist I assume that you have an ability to resolve the challenges life brings you, but at times you might lose sense of direction or your awareness of your competencies.  Reed more...  email on or text on 07714 32 86 86

Relationship Problems Finchley

You might feel stuck because you have tried and tried to make your marriage work. Getting through to your partner seems hopeless, some of you have even tried marriage counselling and that hasn’t worked either. You don’t want to stay in a failing marriage, but breaking up your family feels wrong too. Reed on or text on 07714 32 86 86

Children and Young People's Counselling is for any young person who's having problems.  It could be any of the problems mentioned above.

Talking to a Counsellor can help you to:
  • become more resilient
  • recognise your strengths
  • understand yourself and others better, and 
  • feel better about yourself.  Read on or text on 07714 32 86 86
  • In the group theapy process, clients may obtain insigts on different levels:
  • Clients may gain a more objective perspective on their personal experience
  • Clients may gain more understanding into their more complex patterns of coping and behaviour
  • Clients may learn why they do what they do to and with other people
  • Clients may gain insight into how they got to be the way they are
email on or text on 07714 32 86 86

Often we hold that feeling inside, pretending that we are fine, trying to be strong for everyone’s sake. And yet this struggle to be strong prevents us from connecting the people we love. Read more...
email on or text on 07714 32 86 86

If you are like most people, 8 sessions might give you enough knowledge and tools to deal with the challenge you are currently facing. Sometimes after 8 sessions, it might be more appropriate for you to keep in touch, monthly; to be able to adapt safely to your "new normal". When appropriate, you might choose to work with me long term. 

I have years of experience in Health Services (Marie Curie Hospice, North London Hospice), Mental Health (Mind in Barnet) and Children Counselling (Place2Be, Childline).  Currently, I am also working with Grenfell fire victims.  
My aim is to help you find clarity and a positive outcome no matter what the problem is. 

Anxiety, Depression, UKCP Research Conference 2017

Recently I presented my research paper 
at the UKCP Conference 2017.
My research has shown how incredibly effective 
Contemporay Psychotherapy methods can be in treating Anxiety and Depression.  

Each face-to-face session takes 50 minutes, unless advised otherwise:
  • £60 face-to-face individual counselling (£65 evenings and weekends)
  • £75 couples counselling
  • £50 online / telephone counselling

I have been DBS checked by:

  • Bea Counselling (regularly updated)
  • Childline
  • North London Hospice
  • Place2Be
  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead


Loss, Divorce, Separation, Addictions, Depression, Abuse, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Relationship Problems, Self-harming, Suicidal Thoughts, Problems with Children, Stress, Trauma, Women’s Issues, Identity Issues and many other challenges that I haven’t mentioned here. 

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