Beata Salter  - Be The One To Create The Future

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My approach differes from traditional therapies as I focus on what is possible for each client.  Each person might consider multiple solutions and what is right for one client may not be right for others.  An underlying assumption of my approach is that we already have the ability to resolve the challenges life brings us, but at times we lose our sense of direction or our awareness of our competencies.  
Regardless of what shape clients are in when they enter therapy I approach them with the assumption that they are competent individuals.  My role is to help my clients to recognisze the competencies they already possess and apply them toward solutions.  
My approach is a nonpathologizing approach that emphasizes competencies rather then deficit, and strengths rather than weaknesses.  By empheasizing positive dimensions, clients become involved in resolving their problems, which makes this approach very empowering.

When I work with my clients I assume that:
  • Individuals who come to threapy do have the ability of behaving effectively, even though this effectiveness may be termporarily blocked by negative thoughts.  Problem-focused thinking prevents people from recognizing effective ways they have dealt with problems.
  • There are exceptions to every problem, or times when the problem was absent
  • Clients often present only one side of themselves.  My role is to invite you to examine and consider another side of the story and another side of you.  
  • No problem is constant, and change is inevitable.  I help my clients to become aware of any positive changes that are happening.  Often small changes pave the way for larger changes.  Frequently, small changes are all that are needed to resolve problems that clients bring to therapy.
  • Clients want to change, have the capacity to change, and are doing their best to make change happen.                                  email at or text on 07714 32 86 86

I work with the full life trajectory of the client and their internal subjective representation of past, present and future that the client holds in their mind. This approach focuses not just on causation, but especially on the immediate needs of the client and their short and long term well-being.  This applies to the client’s management of their condition or situation, recovery and personal development, for now and in the manageable future.